Coronavirus is affecting everybody in every way of life and we decided to give our users an update.

Production and Dispatch time:
So far AOP+ team is healthy, following the advice of public health experts, paying extra attention to hygiene and carry on processing your orders.

We will practice minimizing the amount of people working at the same time in the office for the next weeks. We will keep the production in the projected time of 1-3 work days for the ready made products, yet 24-48hr delays may occur.

The cut and sew products as listed below are subject to delays due to our cut and sew partner is stopping their production. We will try to send the orders in bulk, yet we cannot give a precise production time since we have to accumulate a number of orders to make them open their workshop.

Cut & Sew Cushion Cover - Satin
Cut & Sew Cover - Suede
Cut & Sew Blanket Adult
Cut & Sew Blanket Sherpa
Cut & Sew Hooded Blanket
Cut & Sew Hooded Sherpa Blanket
Cut & Sew Giant Face Cushions
Cut & Sew Custom Shape Cushion 40 x40
Cut & Sew Custom Shape Cushion 50 x 50
Cut & Sew Custom Shape Cushion 60 x 60
Cut & Sew Leggings

Please see this link for the update on the products processing time:

Supply and Stock:
There hasn't been any disruption to our stock deliveries and we carry on receiving our needed supply on time.

AOP+ Partners;
As mentioned above there will be delays with the cut and sew products (listed above) due to our partner closing the workshop.
The phone case printing and US dispatch partners and there hasn't been any disruptions or warnings of delay so far.

Shipment and Dispatch time;
We closely monitor updates from our main shipping companies, delivery option is not affected in most countries, even though some countries closed their borders to outside, this covers people, not the goods, they still go through the customs.

AOP+ uses USPS for all US destinations and The US POstal Services states that they have experienced only minor operational impacts in the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and they haven't noted any disruptions to the deliveries in the US.

AOP+ use DPD for destinations in France and Germany and they published in their bulletin that their operations continue in both countries however delays may be expected in both Germany and France since the country's own postal services try to operate with minimum amount of workers as a safety precaution.

Royal Mail;
We use Royal Mail for the Rest of the Europe, UK and Rest of the World. They continue to provide a service to all European countries however delays are expected due to the countries authorities applying special orders.
Royal Mail's main approach is not asking the recipient's signature as stated below;
"Due to the current coronavirus situation Royal Mail are no longer asking recipient’s to sign for items delivered on or after Saturday 14 March 2020. We will still capture the recipient’s name and confirmation of delivery which can be viewed at"

There are some countries that have been affected more than others, to see Royal Mail's country by country updates please check here.
These are the updates from our couriers and some delay is expected due to safety measures.

All in all everything all operations continue as usual except the cut and sew production delays in AOP+, we monitor the situation closely and will update you when there is a change.
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