What is your production and shipping time frame?

Once we receive your order after payment is confirmed in the AOP+ Wallet, production starts. Our production time is 3 to 5 business days while Cut and Sew products can be around 7 to 10 business days. Please keep in your mind: we print everything on demand, those are not ready-made garments.

Cut and Sew Products are the following:
- Giant Face Cushion
- Custom Shape Cushion
- Premium Sublimation Adult Blanket (Fleece)
- Classic and Premium Adult Hooded Blanket
- Sublimation Baby and Adult Blanket
- Leggings
- Cushion Cover (Satin and Suede)

After production has been done, we will ship your order. depending on where you are ordering from shipping takes:

USA Standard: (Production time) + 5 to 7 business days via USPS
UK Standard: (Production time) + 2-3 business days via Royal Mail
EU Standard: (Production time) + 7-15 business days
ROW Standard: (Production time) + 15-20 business days

2. Where are you located or ship from?

We are manufacturers of the products we are selling. Our products proudly printed in London, United Kingdom. Mugs are however outsourced by our partner in the US.

3. What are your prices and shipping costs?

You can check our pricing and shipping cost in this link below:

4. Do you offer an option for branding store logo?

Yes, we do offer these option for Super and Hero Plan members, More details are in this article below:

5. How does your AOP APP work?

It will be up to you on how you will price your products in your store and how you will set up your shipping charge to your customers.

➖ Customer place order from your store and makes the payment to your store
(this will go to your Shopify account)

➖ Order placed will automatically be forwarded to AOP+ system as pending

➖ AOP+ will charge your AOP+ Wallet for the order
(AOP+ will charge you base on our pricing indicated in the app, only product cost + shipping cost)
If there is no fund, a notification will be sent out to you, the order will remain pending until payment is confirmed

➖ Store owner needs to make the payment of the order
(You can pay exact amount or fund your wallet for future orders)

➖ Once payment is confirmed, the order will be confirmed by the system and forward the details to our production for processing, printing, and shipping.

6. How to track order processing and shipping?

Once your order is in the process, the status of the order on your end (order tab in Shopify) will show "Unfulfilled" If the order is shipped out on our end, it will now show "Fulfilled"

(Note: Please do not manually fulfill the orders, this will result in not syncing of the tracking details, this will automatically update to fulfill once we ship it)

You can find the tracking details:
Shopify Orders Tab >> Click on the Order Number >> You can find the tracking below the order number. https://www.screencast.com/t/aaqnRzGDJ
Etsy Orders Tab >> Click on the Order Number >> You can find the tracking under shipping details.

If you are to look from the AOP+ APP status:
- Pending - once we received the order, not yet paid
- Paid - when we received the order payment and is being processed.
- Shipped - Order was shipped to your customers.

7. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we do accept. The customized/Personalized option is available for our Super and Hero Plans. (https://web.aop.plus/#pricing)

To use the customization option for our products, there are some steps you need to follow. It's not difficult, and once you setup it, all will be easy.

Please visit this blog to learn more:
Visit: https://aop.plus/customised

8. What type of artwork file do you prefer?

We prefer RGB - PNG file type with 150 DPI or higher for a better print outcome, we prefer always prefer PNG. But JPEGs are fine too depends on how you will use.
You can check the article below for reference on the recommended file type.

9. Do you accept and offer any discounts for a sample order?

All samples will have a 20% discount/rebate. This applies to product cost only, not the shipping cost.
Once you have placed your sample order, please contact us with the order number, we will credit 20% of the total amount to your account AOP wallet, which you can use further to pay with your incoming orders.

10. What are your returns, replacement policies?

We have detailed information about our process according to each situation in the article below:

Policy (refund, replacement, order update)
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